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  1. A benchmark for prediction of psychiatric multimorbidity from resting EEG data in a large pediatric sample
    Nicolas Langer, Martyna Beata Plomecka, Marius Tröndle, Anuja Negi, and 3 more authors
    NeuroImage 2022


  1. RDA-UNET-WGAN: an accurate breast ultrasound lesion segmentation using wasserstein generative adversarial networks
    Anuja Negi, Alex Noel Joseph Raj, Ruban Nersisson, Zhemin Zhuang, and 1 more author
    Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 2020


  1. Eye state detection for use in advanced driver assistance systems
    Shubham Sharma, Anuja Negi, Shantanu Singh, Dinesh Samuel Sathia Raj, and 3 more authors
    In International Conference on Recent Trends in Advance Computing (ICRTAC) 2018
  2. Gini Index and Entropy-Based Evaluation: A Retrospective Study and Proposal of Evaluation Method for Image Segmentation
    Anuja Negi, Shubham Sharma, and J Priyadarshini
    In International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Circuits and Communication Systems 2018